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Halloween on a budget

Published Wednesday, 29 October, 2014 by Lily McConnell

It’s no surprise that you have already started collecting a vast amount of costumes for those themed uni nights out with your friends. Unfortunately even with our loans or part-time jobs at uni, costumes can sometimes be on the pricey side but they really don’t have to be if you shop around.

I have come up with a few ways in which you can get a great costume and not have an empty purse by the end of it...

  • Shop around – I know you want to head straight to the party stores in your uni town because that is where everything is right? WRONG. You can easily grab so many bargains in pound stores, 99p stores, supermarkets and even charity shops! Halloween really does not have to be expensive, unless you let it! You can grab some amazing bargains and if you’re hosting a Halloween party with your friends, you’ll want to keep the costs down but still have some amazing decor that you can use for the next year.
  • Get creative – invite your friends over, have a Halloween making session and get everybody to bring a bit of something whether its glitter, beads, glue, make up and get prepared for the night. You’ll be amazed as to what you can create with a few bits of card here and there. I have known friends to make their entire costumes from card and Halloween make up and they end up looking the me it can be done.
  • Borrow – sometimes someone on campus or even a friend from home might just have the costume you need or want to wear for the evening. It’s worth logging onto those uni groups on Facebook and get asking, people never really mind lending you bits and bobs and it can save you a lot of money especially if you never wear that costume again, just make sure you take care of other people’s belongings and try not to lose them.
  • Hosting – if you are the one hosting that annual Halloween party in your uni flat, make sure you all chip in to get the decorations. If you shop from budget shops you can all get so much more for your money and really make the place look great! Decorations and other bits really don’t have to be expensive just be wise and all make sure you write a list so people know what it is they need to buy.
  • Pumpkins - make sure you buy your pumpkins last minute, supermarkets start reducing pumpkins on the last week up to Halloween because they assume people have already bought theirs. This is definitely not true; they usually reduce pumpkins to half the price in the week leading up to the annual holiday. Some may look a little worn but they are only for one night right?

How do you budget your ideas for Halloween? Can you add any more tips for students on a budget for Halloween?


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