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How to stick to those New Year’s resolutions!

Published Monday, 12 January, 2015 by Claire Keen

It’s that time of year again, New Year’s Eve has passed and a New Year has hit us hard, but what New Year’s resolutions do you pick? Is there any point in picking any at all? Instead of the usual drab resolutions that no one sticks to how about picking a fun and helpful one, sticking to these helpful tips as you go!

There are so many reasons as to why we all choose resolutions and very rarely stick to them for a considerable amount of time. Usually we pick completely unattainable resolutions that we give up on within days as we already feel defeated. However there are also other reasons we don’t stick to resolutions such as going it alone, and time management. The best way to keep to a resolution is to surround yourself with people either accompanying you or giving you motivation, if you are giving up sugary snacks and you see everybody around you eating them, it’s only a matter of time before you give up! As well as this, make sure you pick a resolution that you know you have time for, don’t tell yourself you are going to go to the gym every single day for hours at a time if you don’t have that time to spare, make sure you plan it around your studies and work and you are more likely to stick to it!

As well as everyone else I have also fallen victim to picking unrealistic resolutions and giving up on them just days or weeks into January; I have now started to pick resolutions that require very little effort to change, but help me to have a much better quality of life. These resolutions include starting to do some volunteering, every week putting away my phone and internet for a small amount of time to give myself some real down time away from social media, and increasing exercise in my daily routine not to get transfixed on losing weight but to create a happier lifestyle.

Sticking to these handy tips will help you keep to your New Year’s resolutions all year round:

  • 1) Be realistic – don’t start telling yourself you are going to be two dress sizes smaller in a matter of weeks. Give yourself goals and targets to hit that seem and are realistic, think of how much better it will feel if you exceed that target rather than never making it at all.
  • 2) Plan ahead – give yourself a timeline so you know where abouts you should be in the next week or month, don’t plan too far ahead and become obsessed though, you should never wish your life away.
  • 3) Tell other people about it – it’s always useful to tell other people about your plans then they can always help you, for example if it is stopping yourself from always eating those biscuits in the cupboard, then your friends and family will be able to help remind you.
  • 4) Reward yourself – don’t be on that diet 24/7, we all need reward days, and giving yourself the odd treat will keep you loyal and on the right track.
  • 5) Track your progress – keep a weekly or monthly record of how you’re getting on, it will boost your morale when you know you are succeeding!
  • 6) Don’t push yourself – never punish yourself for having another biscuit, or walking the last bit of that run, none of us are perfect and we all have off days, pick yourself up and start again tomorrow.
  • 7) Keep trying – experts say it takes 21 days to either kick or start a habit, so stick it out for the rest of January and you may have started a new way of life!
  • Whatever you choose to be your resolution, remember sticking to these tips will give you every opportunity to succeed and have a successful 2015! Happy New Year!


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