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New year, new you

Published Saturday, 27 December, 2014 by Lily McConnell

It’s the start of a new year (almost) and there are a lot of us out there that are trying to set ourselves goals or targets to achieve in the year of 2015...

The problem a lot of people have, including us students especially, is that we tend to set ourselves these goals and we end up getting to the end of the year full of regret as we haven’t achieved them (we’re the kings and queens of procrastination).

The best way you can make these goals become reality is to first of all make them easy for yourself. There is no good in you saying you’re going to go travelling for three months if you know in all honesty you do not have the time, money or the right frame of mind to travel the seven seas! Set yourself goals that you know in your heart that you are going to be able to achieve within the year and look back feeling positive and driven to carry on reaching those goals or even dreams well into the following year!

  • Make a list of all the things you want to achieve in 2015. Be realistic with your goals and aspirations as these will give you more time to plan what it is you want to do. It is fine to choose those aspirations as big ones but give yourself time to achieve these. Don’t over plan and then not carry them out.
  • Do something good for others, whether it is volunteering your spare time or taking part in charity fundraising. You will come away not only with a smile on your face but also knowing that you have helped others in need. Do a 5 or 10k run or if you are feeling more adventurous think of your own way of raising money for others. Your hard work and dedication will pay off and will give you the drive to motivate yourself into further challenges!
  • Don’t get frustrated if you can’t achieve something first time round. Practise makes perfect and there are many global idols that had to try two, three or even four times before they got to where they wanted to be.
  • Set yourself a challenge you would have never of thought you could do. There’s a saying that goes “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Go out, challenge yourself and look back with a smile knowing you’ve done something worthwhile! After all, you only live once.
  • Get a friend or family member to help you set out your goals for the year. Sometimes, two brains are better than one and they can help you to make realistic choices, especially when it is from someone who knows you well. For example, if you plan on losing weight or eating more healthily in 2015, somebody else can help you to create a plan that fits around your other weekly plan to be able to exercise and maintain a good eating pattern throughout your busy lifestyle. But remember, it is also important to give yourself some ‘you’ time to be able to unwind, go out and have fun; you do not want to be too uptight about wanting to achieve those goals!

Whatever you decide to do with your 2015, make sure it’s a good one and don’t let anything stand in your way. I hope that at the end of the year you look back happy and feeling dedicated, motivated and excited about the next year ahead! Happy New Year!


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