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Beef Stroganoff

Published by Toni

tasty and quick



  • frying steak
  • onion
  • mushroom
  • cream
  • rice


put water onto boil for rice. chop steak into strips, onion and mushroom to your prefered size. when water boiled put in rice to cook. fry beef and onions together for 5 mins or untill beef is brown add mushrooms and fry for one minuet. pour over cream and stir. leave to simmer for 7 minuets and serve with rice.

you can add your own herbs aswell to flavour and a small amount of brandy or whisky is good aswell. also you can get packet mix that you combine with milk to get sauce.


  • shelberry 8 years ago

    instead of cream i used a tin of mushroom soup. it was lush

  • Bavo 10 years ago

    Fantastic recipe, found that if you add 1 and a 1/2 tsp of whiskey to it it brings out even more flavour.

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