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Published Sunday, 06 March, 2011 by Kadie

Very Meaty Chilli - Serves 4



  • 500g Mince
  • 8 Rashes of Smoked Bacon (Diced) (Optional)
  • 1 Onion (Diced)
  • Tin of Baked Beans
  • Tin of Chopped Tomatos
  • Garlic Paste
  • Chilli Powder


Start by frying off your onion and bacon in some oil with some garlic paste.

Once your onions are soft and bacon is cooked through, add your mince and brown.

Once your mince is cooked through you can now either drain the extra liquid (if going extra healthy or for a thicker chilli) However i prefer to have a bit of juice to dip chips ect into.

Add your beans and tomatos and add chilli to taste.

Cook for 20 minutes on a medium heat.

Note: You can alter this recipe by adding carrots, mushrooms, kidney beans ect.


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