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Corned Beef Stew

Published by themum

A very cheap way of using veg up and extremely tasty



  • To serve at least 4
  • one tin of corned beef
  • one - two onions
  • potatoes chopped into cubes about (4 medium ones)
  • 3 or 4 carrots
  • swede
  • leeks
  • frozen peas
  • basically any veg you have lying around.
  • 2 beef stock cubes
  • gravy mix
  • brown sauce


Chop onions and stir round in a large pan for a minute or so. Add all veg and water. Add two stock cubes. Cook for 10 mins then add a tin of corned beef cubes. Mix round. Cook until potatoes are ready. Add gravy mix (use the granules)until its as thick as you want it. Add a good squirt of brown sauce. Eat as it is or with some nice crusty bread, over yorkshire puddings, or with dumplings.

i added dumplings to the stew in the photo.


  • katie 8 years ago

    How many calories are in this

  • Top Chef 8 years ago

    Not keen on adding a suede shoe, might make it a bit leathery!! Think I'll try using a swede!

  • lyndsey 8 years ago

    yummy yummy yummy yummy!!!!!! we also added baked beans and tinned chopped tomatoes. was really really nice :)

  • Sue 8 years ago

    Can recommend the brown sauce. I use it to add a bit of a kick to casseroles. it really does make them taste rich and yummy!

  • becky 9 years ago

    lovley , diddnt like the idea of brown sause though so diddnt add it .

  • themum 9 years ago

    Everyone to their own tastes. The brown sauce gives it a lovely flabour and to be honest at about 20 calories a tablespoon I don't think it will cause too much damage. Love the idea of the ox tail soup Gavin :)

  • Gavin 9 years ago

    I put a can of Ox tail soup in mine ...... WOW is all anyone can say

  • linzi 9 years ago

    i wouldnt say that brown sause is the nicest of things to put into beef stew, the other thing is its extra calories when its not needed. id rather stick to the taste of the veg

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