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Easy Tinned Steak Pie

Published Monday, 26 September, 2011 by Jo Saunders

A truly comforting yummy pie.



  • A can of stewed steak
  • 170g / 6oz of plain flour
  • Large pinch of salt
  • 85g / 3oz butter, cubed
  • 3-4 tbsp cold water
  • A pie dish


Sift the flour in a mixing bowl and add the salt.

Put in the cubes of butter.

Rub it all together using the tips of your fingers until it looks and feels like breadcrumbs.

Stir in the water until the dough binds together (using a knife helps and you may find that you do not need all of the water).

Cut your ball of dough in half, and put one half aside.

Roll out the dough to make a large circular shape and put on to the bottom of your pie dish, so that it covers the edges too.

Spoon the tinned steak on top of this and spread evenly.

Roll out the other half of the dough to make the lid, and put on top. Pinch the edges together to seal.

Prick the lid several times with a fork.

Place in the oven at about 180 degrees (fan oven) for 20-25 minutes.


(Note: once you've binded the dough together, you can break a little piece off and leave to one side to roll out and cut in to a decoration to put on top at the end. E.g. a leaf / love heart)


  • Mostyn Park 6 years ago

    Great recipe. The pastry works well (you can make it in food processor easily - i did, just plonked the flour in and cut the butter up small and added it a quarter at a time whizzing it up as i went along and then the water....I left it to chill a couple of hours in the fridge). As for the filling, perhaps the taste would be improved by frying some onions and adding it to the steak...What i did was cook some feather steak cut up in to cubes with some onions, a bit of tomato passata, hot water and salt and pepper leaving it to braise for an hour or so til soft. You could add some frozen veg half cooked through in the same pan or some fresh carrot diced small earlier on in the process. If you're cooking the meat you should let the mixture get cold before adding it to the pie.

    that said, great recipe and a cheap one too if you used tinned steak or mince. This goes very well with a beer!

    thank you!

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