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Lazy Boy Bake

Published by v brookes

3 tins and a little cheese= mmmmm



  • 1 tin of beef in gravy (i found slices works best)
  • baked beans
  • potatoes
  • grated cheese


1. empty the tin of beef into the bottom of a casserole dish.

2. slice the potates and layer them on top of the beef

3. pour the beans on top

4. add a little grated cheese if you feel the need

whack it in the oven, when its all bubbling it is ready


  • Evie 7 years ago

    kids loved it

  • Hayden 7 years ago

    Sounds good going to have to try that

  • Darcy 9 years ago

    Beef, beans, potato and cheese...
    No thanks.

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