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Quick & Easy Home Made Burgers

Published Sunday, 23 October, 2011 by Chef Josh Walton

Delicious burgers, quickly.



  • 500g of Minced Beef (This should serve 4 people, adjust the amount of beef needed for less people, or just freeze them after!)
  • 1 Small/Medium Onion
  • 1 egg


Dice the onion and place into a bowl with the egg and the minced beef.

Stir thoroughly until you are happy that the onion and the egg have been mixed.

Roll the mixture into balls and then flatten them with your palms to make a burger shape.

Put the burgers on a plate before placing them in the fridge for approximately half an hour, so the burgers become slightly more firm.

Place the burgers on the grill for 15 minutes, turning once to ensure they are thoroughly cooked.

Enjoy your delicious burgers guys.

Don't forget, you can be flexible with the ingredients! doesn't just have to be onion you put in there, bit of this, bit of that. Either way, it's going to be extraordinarily delicious. Chef Josh. x


  • MazterGee 2 years ago

    The Egg is so unnecessary, just the beef and the onion will suffice

  • Ellie 3 years ago

    They don't make meany burgers

  • Tender Beef mince 3 years ago

    As a slice of beef mince this is quite offensive. Do you think I can serve 4 people? are you calling me a fat useless peice of meat? I have gone through a lot for a slice of meat. I have been raped by pewdiepie so don't tell me you know me. You know my name not my story so how about you shut your face you useless, careless person. I am disgusted!

  • Meghughesfanpage 3 years ago

    I loved the meal. But instead of meat I used the stands of hair I collect from megs hairbrush. Works like a charm for those vegan white mums (I'm talking to you deb). I washed mine down with the toilet water meg uses because it's nerf or nothing!

  • Josh lovers lover 3 years ago

    Red with an extra side of Sarah lee chocolate cake!
    Ps sorry this was in two separate comments

  • Josh lovers lover 3 years ago

    I totally agree with josh livers comment but I actually washed mine down with a half glass of water and then a full glass of

  • Josh lovers 3 years ago

    Thanks josh loved the burgers definitely go to have them again. It's so good that some one like you is on the internet giving me fabulous recipes for me to eat and enjoy with my loved ones. Had burgers tonight and washed them down with a cold drink of water followed by dessert which was Appel and rhubarb crumble with a slight pouring of custard. Awaiting with anticipation for your next recipe. Ignoring the haters they they just have no life leaving long pointless comment -commenter josh lovers

  • Ben Fever 3 years ago

    How much servings is it?

  • barry mann 3 years ago

    Considering you are supposed to be students I'm amazed at how you can't even spell properly or use correct grammar. God help the UK !!

  • michael 3 years ago

    the burgers crumble while cooking them they do not stick

  • mica 3 years ago

    ill try that

  • Aleni paulo 3 years ago

    why don't you add some sauce for flavour.?????

  • bob 3 years ago

    i am fat so i think that the portions should be larger and none of you should speak unless your spoken to so shut up

  • layla 3 years ago

    Why temp do they go I.

  • perry.ducker 4 years ago

    did you spread the butter

  • tim.carter 4 years ago

    wheres the bacon

  • Danii 4 years ago

    Added 2 finely chopped chillis, salt and pepper, a bit of chilli powder and paprika...

    Bleddy lovely chilli burgers! Serve with wedges

  • SWAGGER69 4 years ago

    Ahahhahahhaha swagger69 is so sawg love me like u do xxxxx

  • 5lollipop 4 years ago


  • Urnan 5 years ago

    How loong does this stuff take fam

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