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Steak Pie For 3 People

Published Thursday, 15 January, 2009 by kim

grannies recipe



  • diced cheap beef
  • chopped onion
  • diced carrots
  • oxo cube
  • pastry..or if you can make your own puff pastry even better


1)put your diced beef onion and carrots into a pan and cook until all meat is browned through add some water into the pan and leave for about 20 mins

2)Add your oxo cube into the cooked meat in your pot and stir

3)Once all meat is cooked put into a oven proof dish and cook for about 2 hours on 170 degress

4)top with pastry and baste with one egg put back in the oven until pastry golden brown

ps. you dont have to have pastry with this if you didnt want to ....and when its cooking in the oven make sure that the water level doesnt go down to much :)

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