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Cheesy Bacon Chicken

Published Friday, 09 October, 2009 by Chris

chicken breast filled with cheese wrapped in bacon



  • Chicken Breast
  • Cream Cheese (philadelphia is best)
  • 2 rashers of bacon per chicken breast


1. cut a slice down the chicken breast

2. filled slit with cream cheese

3. tightly wrap with bacon

4. wrap up in tin foil and cook for 25 minutes at 200 degrees


  • Beki 7 years ago

    George, that is impossible. Chicken breast takes 20-25 to cook, a WHOLE chicken with bones and skin takes 45-60 minutes... A tip though, do not wrap in anything, just cook it uncovered for 20-25 minutes.

  • Georgia 8 years ago

    yeah cooked for 25 minutes- no where near cooked! good if u want food poisoining- took over an hour to cook!

  • Zoe 8 years ago

    Made this good!

  • jake 8 years ago

    niiiiiiiiice :)

  • Will 8 years ago

    Could you use a common cheese like cheddar?

  • Charles Wellington 8 years ago

    At first when i read that it includes cheese i was like "Huh?" but after giving it a try, me and all my friends are tucking in to this delightful meal. Cheers and congrats on this wonderful "royal" standerd of food, God speed son!

  • Justin Case 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday to my brilliant brother

  • James Smith 8 years ago

    I fell over yesterday :(

  • Fiona 8 years ago

    Tastes really good with stilton :)

  • RMB 9 years ago

    Mmmhmm sounds good. I'm gonna give it a go tonight.

  • laura daly 9 years ago

    can i use any cheese

  • Sarah..xo 9 years ago


  • Anna Taylor 10 years ago

    does the chicken have to be aready cooked before you put it in the oven?

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