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Chicken Wings

Published Saturday, 14 July, 2012 by Ahmad Jaber

Triple delecious



  • -lemons as much as u want.
  • -garlic as much as u want.
  • -chicken wings
  • -hot sauce/garlic sauce/bbq sauce.


-smash the garlic and add lemon juice to it but dont go to far with either of them.

-dip the wings into the garlic and lemons.

-fry the wings.

-add sauce and enjoy.


  • Ishita Pal 5 years ago

    Its good..Bt nt awssmmm..

  • Mariz 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this one. Tried it and pretty good. Gustong gusto nang family ko.. :) just make sure to add a little salt to taste hehehe

  • Asif 7 years ago

    I vill try this

  • Caitlin 7 years ago

    So tasty defos try this with bbq sauce!<3

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  • Thanks, Sarah for posting this easy and delicious recipe!