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Christmas Chicken Delight

Published Sunday, 28 November, 2010 by pauline

for this season



  • 1 kilo of chicken legs(drumsticks) , 1/2 butter, 5 oranges , salt pepper, 2 cups olive oil , 2 cups of milk , bread crumbs , 2 eggs , 2 peaces of biscuit ( ordinary biscuit )


1. wash the chicken legs then marinade ( put some salt pepper )

2. squish the 3 oranges to make it a orange juice put it on the cup then put it on the chicken legs spread the oranges juice to the chicken legs

3. mix the milk and eggs

4.crush the biscuit then mix it up with the bread crumbs

5.mix the olive oil and the butter

6.put the chicken on the refrigerator for 2 hour so that the marinade will observe the chicken

7. then each chicken legs dip it on the mix egg and milk then to the crumbs

8 . put the mix olive oil and butter to the pan then fry it

it should be crisp and golden brown

9. squish the left 2 oranges then paint it on the chicken

10 . serve it ! crunchy and golden brown!!!!!


  • Moi 6 years ago

    Expensive yet soooooo delicious and u sorta get your moneys worth xx

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