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Easy Mexindian Curry

Published Saturday, 12 October, 2013 by S K

Cook a curry in 25 minutes; hot and tangy



  • Chicken cubes
  • butter
  • parsley
  • salt pepper
  • lime juice
  • ginger & garlic paste (great curry base for all curries)
  • paprika
  • chilli flakes
  • canned tomatoes
  • veggie oil
  • chicken stock


- marinate chicken cubes in lime juice, butter, parsley, salt & pepper

-leave to marinate for 10 minutes

- in the meanwhile, heat up oil in pan and sizzle the ginger and garlic paste (you can also use chopped ginger and garlic cloves)

-add in chicken stock

-add in canned tomatoes

-add sour cream (any cream that thickens up the sauce should do)

-add in the chicken

-add chiili flakes (or chilli)

-cook until chicken is cooked through

tips : add in chicken stock whenever curry is getting too dry.

-serve with rice

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