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Mango (and Maybe Pineapple) Chicken

Published Sunday, 10 March, 2013 by Anonymous

Quick and easy chicken recipe for two



  • -one mango
  • -a marinade. This can either be homemade, a salad dressing (which works really well depending on the kind), or you could buy some at the store. I used a ginger-chili marinade. I would also recommend teriyaki.
  • -pineapple (optional), if you like pineapple. I used one of those little cups of pineapple pieces with the juice.
  • -chicken. I grabbed some chicken tenders (a pack of seven from earthfare)
  • -butter or canola oil or something to grease your pan with
  • -something to serve it with! Rice works really well, or, if you're feeling fancy/have a few extra bucks, use polenta.
  • you'll also need things to cook with, like pots and pans and stuff. Take it from someone who knows- no plastic utensils. It will not turn out well for you.


-marinate your chicken. Dump it into a bag with your marinade and the pineapple (if you're using it). You could also add all of or part of the mangoes if you want to- personally i like to leave them apart and add them at the end.

-leave the chicken in the fridge overnight.

-take it out the next day when you're ready to cook. If you're doing a side such as rice or polenta, cook that first and set it aside.

-separate the chicken from the marinade and set it aside. You may or may not want to keep the pineapple in with it.

-heat up your pan on medium heat and butter or grease it in some way while it heats up.

-dump in the chicken! Cook it until it's golden brown and delicious!

-toss some mango on that mess!

-serve it with the rice or polenta or vegetables or whatever you want, man, it's all up to you.

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