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Mini Chicken Pies

Published Monday, 17 September, 2012 by Anonymous

Great way to make abit of chicken last ages



  • A block of short crust pastry 500g
  • a chicken breast
  • 50g of frozen peas
  • a carrot
  • cream of chicken soup, tinned
  • 1 beaten egg


1.Get the pastry from the fridge, it takes 15-20 mins to become workable. While the pastry is warming up cook the chicken (any method you like roasting, cubing and frying, i pan fry the whole breast to keep the meat soft and juicy. Also i rubbed it in 5 spice and a little salt to give flavour ), then shred the cooked chicken with 2 forks in a bowl. Cut carrot into small cubes.

2. Roll the pastry on a lightly floured surface till about the width of a 50p. Cut out 8 circles to fit your muffin tray, mine were 9cm in diameter. (if you dont have a cutter i bent a bit of wire to mark the pastry and then cut with a knife, also the underneath of bowls might have the required diameter)

3. Place the circles into your muffin tin, making sure you press the pastry to mould to the muffin tins sides

4. Put in the filling chicken, peas, carrots and a table spoon of chicken soup

5. Cut 8 lids to the pies, about 7 cm circles. Then place these lids on and seal the edges. Place the pies in the fridge for about 30 minutes to let the pastry and filling settle

6. In the last 10 minutes of step 5 turn to oven to 180 for fan, 200 for normal, ovens

7. Brush tops of pies with the beaten egg and place into the oven for 25-35 minutes

then you have 8 yummy pies eat fresh with some gravy and boiled potatoes or on their own warm or cold for lunch

i had left over chicken too that i made a chicken salad out of. Soup that i had for supper.

also with the left over egg cook 80g of pasta and stir the egg in after draining the pasta with low or no heat to make a nice pasta lunch to put in the fridge and no waste.

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