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Mozzerella Stuffed Chicken

Published Sunday, 26 July, 2009 by Emily

yummy chicken thts jus soooooo good!!



  • 2 chicken breast
  • one portion mozzarella
  • 1 packet parma ham
  • loyd grossman sauce of ur choice (pref a garlic one)


fry off the chicken until sealed,cut the chicken in half slightly to make a lil pouch,

cut the mozzrella into strips and stuff inside the chicken,wash your hands!! now wrap the param ham around the chicken breasts and place in a large dish put in the oven until almost cooked,then add the sauce over the top of the chicken and place in the oven until cooked, ensure the chicken is piping hot and cooked thouroughly.serve with potatos and veggies enjoy!!


  • chefkate 9 years ago

    hey this sounds soooo nice i will be trying this out big time ! x

  • i 9 years ago

    thanks this could help sounds nice ;)

  • Jemma 9 years ago

    Wow, this recipe sounds amazing! i think i will try it thanks!

  • Jade 9 years ago

    could you use bacon in stead of the parma ham?

  • Titch123 9 years ago

    Sounds Fantastic But Im Having It With Pasta Not Pots Coz I Dont Have Any! x

  • kirsty.N(cheesy) 9 years ago

    looks fantastic i love potatoes , i like bacon it enhances the tase of blue chees. yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!

  • kankan 9 years ago

    this sounds delish! i shall b rushing off to the supermarket pronto.

  • Lauren 10 years ago

    I love this recipe...I like to put pesto inside the chicken with the mozzarella and cover with breadcrumbs, but I'll be trying the parma ham version too!

  • You 10 years ago

    I didn't write that

  • me 10 years ago

    how long to fry it and keep in oven?

  • Sammy 10 years ago

    This dish can be adapted too by using any type of cheese instead of mozzrella and wrap it with bacon with cheese sprinkled on top of that.

  • hunnybunnyj 10 years ago

    this is a great dish but i cook mine with couple of fresh basil leaves and some slices of tomato
    its soooooo yummy!

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  • Dare we say this looks better than actual pizza?