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Pesto Pasta

Published Friday, 07 November, 2014 by Freya

Cheap pesto-ey goodness



  • 1. 500 g of chicken breast or thigh
  • 2. Tbs of pine nuts (optional)
  • 3. About 20 cherry tomatoes/punnet of cherry tomatoes
  • 4. About 2 dense cups of fresh basil - i grow basil and tomatoes so i don’t pay for these, but it’s not usually too expensive.
  • 5. About 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 6. About 1 tbs of parmesan cheese
  • 7. 2 and 1/2 tbs of minced garlic
  • 8. Your choice of pasta (500g packet)


I make enough for the week, so i cook the whole packet of pasta.

the ingredients for the pesto approximately makes enough for about 4 cook ups of this recipe.

1. Start boiling a pot of water for the pasta - add salt to the water as this helps the pasta not stick.

2. Put the tomatoes, basil, oil, pine nuts, garlic, cheese in to a blender/bullet and blend up until smooth.

3. Chop the chicken into pieces about 1.5/2 cm cubes.

4. If the water is boiling, pre-heat a pan with olive oil for the chicken. Put the pasta in the pot covered - put the lid on a tilt so that it doesn’t overflow.

5. Cook the chicken in the pan of medium-high

6. Once the pasta and chicken are cooked, take both off the heat.

7. Drain the pasta. Put the pasta back in the pot and keep off the heat.

8. Put the chicken into the pot with the pasta and scoop about 1/4 cup of basil and tomato pesto into the pasta and chicken. Mix well.

9. Bag up the rest of the pesto into separate 1/4 cup measurements into freezer bags. Freeze for next time.

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