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Spicy Chicken Wraps

Published Friday, 07 March, 2014 by Ashley

Way to a mans heart?



  • - lettuce
  • - chicken breast (i usually get pre-cooked chicken breast strips)
  • - mushrooms
  • - 1 pepper (red, yellow, orange or green)
  • - 1 onion
  • - hot sauce
  • - wraps
  • - ranch/caesar


Pre-heat oven to 400.

1. Dice pepper (whole pepper), onion (half or so) and mushrooms (as much as you want) and mix in a bowl.

2. Dice chicken and put in skillet/pan and cook until chicken starts to brown, then add mushrooms, pepper and onion to skillet/pan.

3. Add hot sauce to pan and mix veggies/chicken around. Simmer for 5 minutes.

4. Put skillet/pan ingredients onto wraps

5. Add ranch/caesar

6. Put lettuce on top

7. Wrap to perfection.

8. Put wraps on baking pan and put in oven for approx. 5 minutes to make them slightly crispy on the outside.

enjoy! This takes a while (about an hour) but it's totally worth it in the end.

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