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Tasty Chicken Legs

Published Friday, 26 August, 2011 by Marjorie Wann

Baked chicken legs



  • Chicken legs
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic unless you are using ready made garlic butter
  • Paprika
  • Any other chicken seasoning you might fancy


Preheat the oven to a medium heat

Rinse the chicken legs

Put some foil in a dish shiny side up

Put some butter and oil on the foil - not loads - just enough to stop the chicken sticking to the foil

Place the chicken legs on the foil

Sprinkle lots of paprika on the chicken

Add any other seasoning if you wish

Fold the foil in like a parcel - just leave a little hole at the top. Don't make the foil too tight - its just to keep it covered and to stop the oil and butter running out of the foil

Put in the oven and leave for an hour and a half

Take out of oven and loosen the foil and place back for about 20 mins to 'dry' the chicken so it is not so moist

Good with steamed new potatoes or mashed potaotes and steamed carrots or just some cooked rice

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  • Perfect for chilly gloomy days.