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Yummy Tandoori Curry

Published Sunday, 06 April, 2014 by Leeanne Gomes

Very yummy and very indian!



  • 1.12 chicken legs/ chicken drumsticks
  • 2.1 packet of shan tandoori masala
  • 3.1 and a half diced onion
  • 4.1 diced tomato
  • 5.1 tub of yoghurt
  • 6.2 tablespoons of ginger garlic paste
  • 7. Desired amount of salt
  • 8.2 tablespoons of olive oil


1.First marinate the chicken with the shan tandoori masala, yogurt, ginger garlic paste and salt.And leave it to marinate for half an hour.

2.Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a vessel and slightly brown onions and then add tomatoes and fry till slightly golden.

3.Add the chicken and then add 2 small cups of water and let it simmer until the chicken is cooked to your liking.


  • Owen Montgomery 3 weeks ago

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  • Kimberly 1 year ago

    Can you cook this on a WOK
    really wanna try this out

  • Plossie 2 years ago

    Hey, I'm really looking to try this recipe, is it plain yogurt ?

  • Tabita 3 years ago


  • Laila 3 years ago

    Nice and yummy

  • Praseel 3 years ago

    Thanks heaps man...Reli helps

  • Leeanne 4 years ago

    Sorry about the quantities dinesh. You can adjust the chicken quantity of chicken.

  • Dinesh 4 years ago

    Thanks for fastest recipe. Quantitiess are not given.

  • Sonalli 4 years ago

    Nice and easy recipe, must try

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