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Easy Cheesy Chickeny Bacon

Published Monday, 01 February, 2010 by Sarah

Delish version of the parma ham stuff.



  • One chicken breast per person
  • A generous lump of Philadelphia cream cheese per chicken breast(the chive one works really well)
  • One/two rashers of bacon per breast (depending on how much you want! If you're feeling super rich or trying to impress your visiting parents, use parma ham instead)
  • (can be served with any kinds of veg and potatoes- peas and chips if you want it easy or brocolli and roasted sweet potato if you're feeling the need to impress)



Slice the chicken breasts horizontally along the middle and spread cream cheese inside as if making some sort of sandwich.

wrap the cheesy chicken in the rashers of bacon (or ham) and place in the middle of a deep baking tray. (put the potatoes/chips on the same tray too if thats what you're cooking.)

cook for around twenty minutes, checking to make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked (the juices won't run very clear because of the cheese so don't be alarmed if it seems like its been cooking ages and still isn't clear!) just poke one of them with a knife to check.

serve up and enjoy!

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  • Thank you to Amy who uploaded this glorious looking Pomegranate Chicken Salad to Recipe: