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Fancy Scrambled Eggs

Published Saturday, 23 June, 2012 by Vodkafolie

Fed up of boring scrambled eggs? try this recipe for fancy scrambled eggs



  • -2 eggs (per person)
  • -grated cheddar cheese
  • -mozzarella
  • -garlic
  • -creme fraîche
  • - parsley (optional)
  • -butter or olive oil


Fed up of boring scrambled eggs? Try this recipe as a treat for your yourself or for a special breakfast in bed.

beware, this probably isn't very cost-friendly, especially if you're on a limited budget. This recipe is for special occasions or if you want to spoil yourself.

-> break them eggs into an adequately-sized bowl (don't want to spill eggs everywhere, do you?) and beat them till they're runny, no bits floating around.

once that's done, add a heaped tablespoon of creme fraîche to the eggs and beat that until the mixture is runny again. Add salt and pepper to season (you can always add more once it's served).

-> pre-heat a frying-pan to a low temperature and melt a knob of butter or a few drops of olive oil. Make sure the butter is melted then pour the mixture into the pan, using a fish-slice to gently move the mix around. At this point, add the grated cheddar and parsley (optional)

when making scrambled eggs, always make sure you keep it at a very low heat and cook it slowly, or you'll end up with rubbery eggs and nobody likes those.

-> as the mix begins to solidify while you move it around the pan (make sure you scrape the pan gently to avoid bits getting stuck to the pan), add the mozzarella. This can either be slices or the little balls you can buy in packets of 20 or so, it doesn't matter overall, but don't overdo it. Keep mixing until the cheese begins to melt and you have a kind of cheese sauce. Add about half a teaspoon of garlic salt and stir it in.

-> turn up the temperature a little bit until all the mix has the consistency of ricotta or cream cheese. At this point you should be seeing the mozzarella going all stringy, but not completely melted.

make sure to serve hot and straight off the pan, preferably onto a preheated plate or bowl (the mix can get cold very quick and isn't very nice), with a few slices of buttered toast.

serves one; if you want a bigger serving or are cooking for multiple persons then the general rule is two eggs per person. Enjoy~

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  • A bit complicated, but this is AWESOME!