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Instant Noodles Made More Tasty :)

Published Friday, 25 January, 2013 by Apoorva

Boring noodles made yumm



  • Oil
  • chilli 1
  • capsicum/bell peppers choppes
  • onion chopped
  • tomato chopped
  • dried herbs (basil,thyme...)
  • instant noodles (any)


1. To boil the noodles, to the water( see the instructions to kno how much to add) , add salt n oil (noodles won't stick to each other ) n boil the water then add noodles (break them)

2. While its boiling, add 2 spoons of oil to a pan, add chilli fry them

3. Add onions fry then add pepper/capsicum fry them then add tomato fry them till they are crisp not soggy.

4.Add herbs n salt, fry them for 2 mins

5. To the boiled noodles add tastemaker n cook for 2 mins

6.After the noodle is cooked add that to the pan n mix n cook for a min . :)

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  • You should have made this for breakfast!