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Irish Breakfast

Published Wednesday, 08 June, 2011 by christine

easy and delicious for any meal of the day



  • 4x medium potatoes
  • 1x vegtable stick cube
  • Boiled water
  • 8x sausages
  • 8x bacon any kind no fat
  • salt and pepper
  • 3x eggs as recipe is for 3 people adjust amounts as required


Peel and chop potatoes into quaters and place in a pan boil a kettle and pour over water until potatoes are completely submerged then add your crushed vegtable stick cube. Bring pan back to the boil then simmer until potatoes are soft ( until you can get a folk easily through them).

meanwhile cut up sausages into cubes and cut bacon into strips keep in seperate bowls.

once potatoes are done turn off heat and let them rest in the water. Heat oil in frying pan and add sausages cook until brown then add bacon once bacon is pink and sausage are done.

drain the stock from the potatoes into a large wine glass and keep to one side dispose of excess liquid then pour the potatoes into frying pan with the sausages and bacon.

Add the salt and pepper if desired (sea salt and black ground pepper are best) cook on a medium heat until potatoes are slightly browned ( arround 5 minutes) dont worry if it looks like mush.

then add the wine glass of stock and simmer for around ten minutes or until it thickens up.

Once it starts to thicken heat oil in a seperate frying pan and fry the 3 eggs

Then serve the potatoe, sausage and bacon mixture onto 3 plates and place the fried eggs on top. Ready to eat. ( TIP ITS BETTER TO USE A WOK TO COOK SAUSAGES, BACON AND POTATOES IN AS THERE IS QUITE ALOT ONCE ITS ALL TOGETHER)


  • wow 7 years ago

    wow youz cant not spells goood

  • Shakira 8 years ago

    This looks nice :)

  • Rachel Murray 8 years ago

    I asked my Irish English teacher and she says its a dish to try looks like im cooking it for tea btw Im only 12 :)

  • diane 8 years ago

    Lovely my boys loved it once i find out how to rate it im giving it a 5

  • christine hedley 8 years ago

    I meant vegtable stock sorry lol xxx

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  • Great upload alert! Thanks Jessie, for sharing this yummy recipe!