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Love U Chocolates....

Published Wednesday, 15 January, 2014 by Shruti

15 mins chocolates....



  • 1. 6 to 10 chocolates
  • 2. Marie gold biscuit ( any biscuit can use)
  • 3. Bowl
  • 4. Spoon
  • 5. Dryfruits
  • 6. Heart shape pan


First take a bowl .

break chocolates into small piece then keep it for 5 mins in the sun. ( please do not melt chocolates in owen r microwave otherewise it will burn) . Then take a marie biscuits and dryfruits break in small piese . Put the biscuit and dryfruits in the melted chocolate . Mix it well put the choclates in the heart shape pan....

love u chocolates are ready... Please try it its very simple


  • Kushal 4 years ago

    Have u gone mad .........What made u think that this is a recipe
    its like dipping biscuit in tea while eating and u will say its a recipe too
    dude u should post really quick and reliable recpies not like just any

  • Afra 4 years ago

    Its really very tasty...I love it..

  • Annanya 4 years ago

    Its really gud!!! I love it

  • Zakk Wilce 5 years ago

    Made these for my other half robert and he absolutely loved them

  • Anjani 5 years ago

    Love u chocolates are easy and tasty

  • Romal 5 years ago

    Please u all can help me
    how many biscuit to put in melted chocolate

  • Mifah 5 years ago

    Nice for all

  • Miftah 5 years ago

    Nice for all.....

  • Rupal 5 years ago

    Yes,so simple and easy ........ It works!

  • Honey 5 years ago

    Simple and easy i liked it so much

  • Pinky 5 years ago

    Easy and simple

  • 5 years ago

    Good recipe....

  • 5 years ago

    Wowwee... Its tooo simple

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