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Penne Al Forno

Published by lorna barsby

great pasta



  • for 2:
  • mince
  • pasta
  • 1/2 an onion
  • garlic
  • mushrooms
  • 1/2 a can of chopped tomatoes
  • parsely
  • basil
  • oregano
  • beef stock cube
  • grated cheese
  • little milk
  • butter
  • flour
  • paprika


- cook pasta till it's a little al dente

- make up meat sauce:

- heat oil in a pan

- fry off chopped onions and garlic in a pan

- add mince and cook until browned

- add chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs and stock cube

- allow to simmer

- make up white sauce:

- put a little butter in a pan and allow to melt over a low heat

- add a little flour and mix to make a ru

- slowly add milk

- when there are no lumps left (keep stirring)add the grated cheese (resrve a bit for the toping)

- in a serving bowl layer pasta, meat sauce, pasta cheese sauce

- sprinkle with reserved cheese and a little paprika

- grill till top is nice


  • David Taylor 6 years ago

    "ru"? You mean "roux". "parsley" isn't spelled "parsley". If you're a student what are you studying? Not spelling, that's for sure.

  • Rachel Bird 6 years ago

    What does make a ru mean?