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Tasty,creamy Sweetdish

Published Saturday, 10 March, 2012 by Tina

It's sexified-creamy recipe.



  • Sugar,
  • 1 pack of cream([nestle or according to how many people you have to serve it to)],
  • some biscuits mary will be best(but any with nooo almonds or any zeera),
  • some pineapple pieces,


Take a bowl,

put a pack of the cream (nestle),this one's for like 4 to 5 people,

put sugar 2 to 3 spoons

crack the biscuits and put it in the bowl,

then decorate it with pineapplee pices,then keep it in the fridge for like 30 or 40 minutes,serve it

try it, it is a very sexified sweet dish!love you all.

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  • Dare we say this looks better than actual pizza?