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Toast Avec Butter.

Published by Anonymous

Toasted bread



  • Bread
  • Whatever spread your posh flatmate has in the fridge.


Beg, borrow or steal a slice of bread.

If necessary scrape off mould.

Place in toaster or for a quick snack eat raw.

Spread with whatever spread or butter your posh flatmate has in the fridge.

Enjoy :D


  • Cheryl 5 years ago

    Thats so obvious who would need a recipe 4 that i make toast all the time.

  • Charlotte 9 years ago

    haha, classic its got to be marmite :D as the spread

  • kingston 9 years ago

    genius, thanks, i think i spied some peanut butter? will add this to my hard bread and see where we get :D

  • natalie 9 years ago

    excellent recipe, thanks for sharing ;)

  • simone 9 years ago

    How can you even have a receipe for bread and just becuase we're students doesn't mean we cant buy bread and not all students steal or beg!!

  • nick 9 years ago

    obviously amy has never heard of a joke

  • Amy 10 years ago

    Can't say buy the bread so wat do u mean by steal ,beg, borrow wat u trying 2 say!!!!!

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