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Bubbly Squeak!

Published Sunday, 23 August, 2009 by jenna

for all those leftover bits lurkning in the fride



  • small amount of milk (4 tbsp)
  • two potatoes (cooked and mashed) more or less depending on amount of leftovers
  • leftover bits.....(leftover meat, veg, ect)
  • salt and pepper (a spoonful of mustard in with the tato is yummy but optional)


1. chop up your leftovers and cook them a bit in a pan with a little oil untill heated up

2. now add some milk to your potato (and mustard if using) and add to the pan and stir all in together

3. cook till its starts getting a bit brown and crispy

4. And simply pop on your plate and enjoy.

Note: you can add beans to add a tomatoey flavour to the mix or they go well as a side with this x x


  • Gwyneth 7 years ago

    Cant have bubbly squeak with no cheeeeeese! Haha

  • Steph 7 years ago


  • Rachel 8 years ago

    I looove bubble and squeak, i first had it in a cafe in london :') now i know why people had reserved tables for breakfast!
    This is one of the best recipes ive found for bubble and squeak :)

  • Jonny 9 years ago

    Depends on you leftover bits can be well nice!

  • applesauce 9 years ago

    sounds gross................... tried it... not that nice :s

  • Loren Sharples 9 years ago

    Leftovers!!!! My fave xx

  • Jackie 9 years ago

    I make a version of this but. I use old baked potatoes, good ham, and cabbage and onions and bacon. All almost leftover at the end of the week. And its way amazing. And it makes the sound of squeaking thats why its called bubble and squeak.

  • porkedityet 10 years ago

    i think Ben is a genius and Anon can't spell ''doesn't'' so GTFO

  • Lucy 10 years ago

    My number one Recipe since I was about six years old. I love it sooooooooooooooo much.

  • Anon 10 years ago

    Ben obviously dosnt know about good food. Bubble

  • Gemma 10 years ago

    Everyone has their own opinion "Ben", i recommendit!!! :)

  • Ben 10 years ago


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