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Cheats Carbonara

Published Tuesday, 08 September, 2009 by Helena

Quick and easy pasta dish



  • pasta (as much as you'd normally cook for yourself)
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 egg
  • some pepper
  • grated cheddar (as much as you like depending on how cheesy you want it)


Put the pasta on the boil following pack instructions.

Slice the onion and bacon and fry in a pan until cooked.

Once the pasta is cooked drain it put it back in the pot add the bacon and onion and stir in the egg and cheese on a low heat until the cheese has melted.

Add pepper to taste.


  • Anonomys 7 years ago

    Great! So easy and tastes lovely!

  • Liam 7 years ago

    <3 it

  • Cheesybacon 8 years ago

    How is this "cheats" carbonara? This is almost exactly how you're supposed to make it. Traditionally parmesan is added at the end and no cheddar is used, but I guess this is much cheaper and more appropriate for a student recipe. The bacon and onions (or shallots) should be fried in more olive oil than is needed (the excess oil is part of the sauce). The egg is added when the pan is off the heat. It should be as fresh as possible, and you have to stir vigorously for about half a minute as soon as the egg is added, to avoid it scrambling.

  • Erin 8 years ago

    take it off to add the eggs, that's what I normally do.

  • neeta 9 years ago

    i use cream chesse and some cream or yoghurt and bacon but not egg.

  • kerri 9 years ago

    either i'm doing something very wrong or this meal isn't as simple as this recipie makes it sound

  • cat 9 years ago

    you can buy sauce in a glass jar from lidles for less than the eggs.

  • reece 9 years ago

    do you have to put egg in?

  • Ben 10 years ago

    yes, carbonara normally uses raw eggs

  • Helen 10 years ago

    Do you break the egg and put it straight in the pot of the other ingredients? if that makes sence

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