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Chilli Prawns

Published Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 by Mica

Prawns in a spicy tomato sauce



  • -Peeled cooked or uncooked prawns, defrosted
  • -One tomato
  • -Chili flakes
  • -Onion
  • -Vegetable stock powder
  • - Spaghetti or noodles
  • -Honey
  • -Tomato puree
  • -Garlic
  • -Olive oil
  • -Salt and pepper to taste
  • -Basil or coriander (optional)


Having practcally nothing to eat in the house I gave this a go and it was pleasingly, absolutely delicious!

1. Put the spaghetti or noodles (depending upon Italian/Asian theme) to boil

2. In another pan heat a spoonful of olive oil and add about a teaspoon of finely choped onion and one clove of chopped garlic.

3. Before they are quite brown add one chopped tomato and simmer, stirring until tomato begins to mush.

4. While tomato is softening add a generous pinch of the vegetable stock power and chilli flakes along with a splash of boiling water to help tomato turn mushy.

5. Once the mixture is saucy looking and the tomato has broken down taste the sauce and season, add a couple handfuls of the prawns and continue to simmer for a minute or two until the prawns are heated through if using cooked, if using raw cook for a few minutes longer.

6. At the end add a teeny squirt of honey to balance the chilli and if using spaghetti a sprinke of chopped basil for an Italian style meal or if using noodles add coriander for an Asian theme.

7. Drain spaghetti/noodles and add straight to prawn mixture, stiring to coat. Seanson some more.

8. Serve piping hot.

This recipe is gorgeous, I tried it without the herbs as there was not much in the kitchen! But I can imagnine either would make a nice addition. There's loads of spicy, fresh tomato sauce in the bowl so you can serve with bread to dip.


  • Charlotte 7 years ago

    I've had this twice and it has been amazing. I'm going to try it using chicken and see how that is :)

  • Laura 8 years ago

    I made this last night, instead I fried the vegetables then transferred to a pot, fried some noodles and mixed all together with a bit of coriander. AMAZING!.

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