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Published Monday, 19 September, 2011 by Sophie




  • potatos


1)peal the potatos

2) cut the potatos up untin thin (not really thin)

3)fry the chips until they start going brown


  • cat 4 years ago

    these are delicous

  • Chloe 5 years ago

    Easy!So helpful.

  • Aisha 5 years ago

    This site is best

  • Umm-e-kulsoom 6 years ago

    Good plzz tell how to make spanish corn sandwhich

  • Kulsoom 6 years ago

    Good plz tell how to make spanish sandwhich

  • Kim 7 years ago

    Try it before, it actually taste really good, especially with ketchup...>< it is so amazing that a potato can become tasty fries;)

  • Sarah 7 years ago

    Add plenty of salt and pepper, or what you like to taste!

    if you want to be healthier.
    1. Cut a large potato into chips
    2. Put them in a pan and bring to the boil
    3. Once starting to boil, put them in a bowl and toss them in plenty of oil
    4.. Chuck on salt, pepper, what flavours you like
    5 put them on a oven dish thingy and pop them in the oven at 180.C for about 20 minutes or until going brown.

  • SuLyap O21 7 years ago

    Omg !!

  • Ole 8 years ago

    4) Let them dry on some towel paper, to make them crispy
    5) put the dryed chips in a bowl, and add some flavor, salt? what ever you like

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