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Fish Finger Sandwich

Published Saturday, 16 January, 2010 by Ruby

=] yum



  • 1) 4 Fish Fingers
  • 2) 2 slices of bread
  • 3) Cheese
  • 4)Tomato Ketchup


1) Oven the fish fingers till they look cooked.

2)Toast the bread a little so it doesnt go soggy...

3) because you next put ketchup on the first slice of bread.

4)Place the fish fingers on top after the ketchup.

5) put a slice of cheese on top of the fishfingers or just grate some on top so it melts on top of the hot fish fingers.

6)Finish by putting on the second slice of bread

7)Take a big bite and enjoy! =D


  • OneEyedMonster 6 years ago

    Brown sauce goes better with cheese so id reccommend trying that or 1 of each sandwich

  • Khadijah 6 years ago

    Paige i disagree with you. The cheese should be left on as it brings more flavour! Figured out you wouldnt know what flavour actually means!

  • Harry 7 years ago

    Gorgeous, best ive had!!

  • Paige 8 years ago

    In my opinion, the cheese should be left out - it ruins the flavour. Also, you're missing the secret ingredient - vinegar! Makes it taste soooo much better :)

  • Jason 9 years ago

    Maybe a few leaves of lettuce can be good as well.

  • sofia1 9 years ago

    good recipe :)
    but the sandwich tastes a bit better with buns instead of bread. n you definately have to have tartare sauce too!!

  • Dave 9 years ago

    Usually make these without the cheese so I might have to try that. I recommend slying a few sachets of Tartare sauce from any nearby pub that does food and chucking that on!

  • Hayley 9 years ago

    Never thought of that! took me 5 min and tasted good!!

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