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Leftover Noodles

Published Sunday, 17 March, 2013 by Kezia

Got nothing but leftovers? throw all of them in for a nasty, simple and delicious meal :)



  • -some leftover noodles/instant noodles
  • -leftover onion, chopped
  • -oregano/parsley/ any herbs available
  • -salt
  • -oil/butter/margarine
  • -leftover pasta sauce
  • -sausages/bacon/meat/whatever available


-boil the noodles (if needed), rinse it and put it aside.

-heat a bit of oil/butter/margarine on a pan, add the onions until it softened

-add your leftover sausage/meat and stir it for a while

-pour in the pasta sauce plus your noodles

-add some salt and herbs.

that's all :)

you can replace noodles with anything else available. Pasta, rice, bread, whatever. Any leftover will do.

you can also add cheese, mayo, ketchup, whatever and it'll still be ok. (as long as you like it)

just basically throw anything in and enjoy! :)


  • Pooja 6 years ago

    Its tooooo gud

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