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Marmite On Toast

Published Monday, 07 June, 2010 by jimbo257

you love it or you hate it



  • bread 1-4 slices
  • butter some
  • marmite


put bread into toaster

when finished lather with butter while still warm

then lather with marmite to finish



  • Izz 7 years ago

    Erm who is that ridiculously daft that they didn't know how to do this already............. How is this a recipe? Seriously i came on here to help me find recipes not instructions on how to make toast..........

  • Max 8 years ago

    I am really struggling with this i put the marmite or butter on first, alos i live in Denmark....

  • brit 8 years ago

    i dnt get it. wht iz [email protected]? dis mkes nnoo snce. i dnt get it ....

  • Fearney 8 years ago

    This was really hard but i did get the hang of it after, thanks so much for putting this up, much appreciated! Herb enjoyed his breakfast this morning..

  • nicole 9 years ago

    Sounds interesting-should i spread the butter to all corners of the toast for maximun satisfaction?

  • chris 9 years ago

    hahahhahaha how to make toast. thanks man.

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