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Noodle Surprise

Published Tuesday, 21 September, 2010 by kingston

cheap cheerful food



  • 1 pack of tesco 10p noodles (more expensive variants if you so wish)
  • 1 tin of hotdogs
  • 1 pack of pringles (whatever flavour you wish, i used bbq)
  • bbq sauce (again any flavour you so wish)
  • bread


Empty hotdogs into a pan, make sure they are fully submerged, add more water if not. wack them on the heat (water should boil half way thur the 6 mins leave boiling for the remainder for 5-6 mins.

Put the noodles in a bowl of water and add seasoning, give it a swish round.

Wack them in the microwave for 5 minutes.

When your noodles are done, take your hotdogs and put them into the noodle bowl, cutting them into pieces as you go.

Next take a handful of your pringles and crush into the noodles, give it a stir.

Then add your sauce to your own taste and stir again.

Wack the bread in the toaster, when they ping put the slices on the plate, wack the noodle surprise on top and BAAM you got yourself a cheap meal that taste eally nice.


  • jack 1 year ago

    hiii am jack

  • Knighta 1 year ago thanks

  • Cocaine jackson 3 years ago

    Godam I love cocaine

  • Penn and Teller 3 years ago

    You ain't foolin me, I ain't eatin that garbage.

  • Unknown 3 years ago

    R u serious ? Pringles ? That's gonna taste like gross. I wonder how u eat it ?

  • Gwen 3 years ago

    Reading this 5 years after it was posted :D
    Anyway...I thought MY recipes were random until I read this!
    You can add frozen mixed vegetables (defrosted of course) to make this slightly healthier, a big bag is quite cheap and lasts really long!

  • Christina 9 years ago

    I think this sounds disgusting, which is exactly why I think it would be a perfect hangover cure!

  • Dak\'s 9 years ago

    Sounds like something I would like. When you say Kingston you mean as in Kingston University? If so then "Hi" from a fellow Kingston student XD
    Another thing to add to this is to replace the pringles with dorito's, add grated cheese to the top of the lot and put it in the over for about 1-2mins to melt the lot.

  • kingston 9 years ago

    comment your opinions people :)

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