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Potato Skins

Published Wednesday, 23 September, 2009 by Mary

yummy loaded potato skins



  • a potato as big as you want
  • cheese
  • anything you fancy with it (i like bacon but you could use onions or mushrooms or a mixture)


1) put your potato in the oven or microwave to cook (if cook it in the microwave pre-heat your oven)

2) cook whatever you are putting in your potato (i.e. fry your bacon) and grate some cheese while your potato is cooking

3) when your potato is cooked cut it in half and spoon out the soft potato in the middle into a bowl

4) put the skins in the oven while you add your other ingredients into the bowl and mix but, save some cheese

5) get your skins out and put your mixture into the skins and sprinkle some cheese on top

6) put them back into the oven to melt the cheese

7) eat!!


  • Jade v 8 years ago

    Skins are amazing put bacon or ham in with cheese on top and a dash of worcester sauce (lea and perrins)... Soo nicee :)

  • Irsah Tahir 8 years ago

    When your mixing other ingredients into the potatoe, mix butter with some garlic add that, plus cheese and some mixed spices - yummy! ooh dont forget to add cheese on the top again after refilling the skins!

  • benson james 10 years ago

    adding butter or cream and salt and pepper be even tastier if you add it to the cooked potato and bacon before you put it back in the oven with the cheese on top

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