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5 Minute Micro-cake

Published Friday, 09 September, 2011 by Nicola Massie

Make a 5 minute chocolate cake in the microwave!



  • 4 tbsps Flour
  • 3 tbsps Vegetable Oil
  • 4 tbsps Sugar
  • 4 tbsps Cocoa Powder
  • 1 Egg


- Measure out the Flour, Cocoa Powder and Sugar, pour into a mug and mix throughly.

- Break the egg into the mug and mix.

- Add the oil and mix until it reaches a uniform consistancy.

- Place in the mircowave on FULL power for 3 minutes

- Leave the cake to rest for 2 minutes (essential)

- Enjoy! (Best served with ice cream!)


  • Samuel Boateng 5 years ago

    Very delicious and i bet u it is most serve with ghanaian brukina(mixture of cow milk and som brown substance)..

  • Ines Araujo 6 years ago

    Best cake ive ever made

  • Krystal 6 years ago

    I was looking for something i could make for dessert on the internet. When i found this it made my day. Thankyou nicola massie

  • Thanks! 6 years ago

    This is excellent cake :) made it just the way it said and it's quick, sweet and chocolatey.. Yum!

  • Jay Jay 6 years ago

    This cake is amazing , it looks kinda funny but is delicious :)

  • Maryam 6 years ago

    This cake is really hot and yummy

  • Sally 7 years ago

    Didnt turn out the best of cakes

  • Suha 7 years ago


  • Megan 7 years ago

    Technically, this is awful.

  • Sophie 7 years ago

    Wasn't very nice, tasted strongly of plastic and was very, very hard. Wont be making again :~( Thumbs down I'm afraid.

  • Rachel 7 years ago

    Delicious! I left out the cocoa powder and added cinnamon which was great. Got all sorts planned now I know you can bake in the microwave! Thank you!

  • Keke 7 years ago

    Dont use egg. So much better that way!

  • lucy 7 years ago

    Before i made this recipie i thought that it wasn't going to turn out great, but it tastes great!!!. But the next time i do it i'll use less cocoa powder!!!!! :)

  • Hann 7 years ago

    Use 1 cocoa, 3 milk and do it in a small-medium cookingbowl with vanilla ice cream.
    Also try this, Stew apples and mash them up. Make this cake using these ingrediants but with no cocoa and 3tbs milk, cut a thin layer of cake and place it over the apples, Add some ice cream on top of it.

  • tailor 7 years ago

    these were GOURGEUSE:) i would serve them to the queen!! the secret is dont use as much coco powder and add a hint of milk.

  • Emily 7 years ago

    I did this with the amended version by Vicki above- it was amazing!! Def going in my recipe book!

  • ryan 8 years ago

    it smells nice but it tastes like it has way to much cocoa it was disgusting it would work if there were way less cocoa but it is a gud recipe!

  • Mike 8 years ago

    Cooked it without the cocoa, tasted fantastic (especially with a good helping of golden cyrup to accompany it!)

  • jessica 8 years ago

    im sorry but it looks at tastes disgusting.

  • Natasha 8 years ago

    It was okay but if I made it again I would put less cocoa powder in it :)

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