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Amazingly Easy Pears

Published Sunday, 23 October, 2011 by Louise

universally loved, simple, cheap treat!



  • 4 pears, 1 box of maltesers (or chunks of chocolate hobnobs/biscuits/nuts),1 pot of double cream, (dark) chocolate for drizzling (Feeds 4-8)


1. Peel, halve and hull the pears.

2. Place in a shallow, heatproof bowl and steam for about 12 mins, or until the pears are soft through. (In theory, microwaving with a few spoons of water under clingfilm should work too)

3. While the pears are steaming, whip the cream until its shape just begins to hold.

4. Stir the maltesers into the cream!

5. When the pears are cooked remove them from the steamer to cool down.

6. Serve each half pear with a dollop of cream/biscuit mixture

7. Drizzle over some melted dark chocolate (microwaved for 20 seconds and stirred).

8. Sit back and listen to the chorus of mmmmmmms coming from your housemates ;)


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