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Banana Pudding

Published Monday, 23 March, 2015 by Anonymous

For me banana looks bad for me ,but it tastes the best if i gets this



  • 1)ripen bananas-2 (sliced into small pieces)
  • 2)cashew nuts-take as u wish
  • 3)eggs-4
  • 4)cardamom powder-a little
  • 5)sugar-1 cup


1)put the eggs,cardamom powder and 3/5 cup sugar in mixer and mix it well.

2)then,keep a non-stick pan on an induction top or on a gas stove

3)pour some ghee and put the cashews

4)when it turns a little brownish,put the sliced bananas and 2/5 cup sugar .Stir it well to get the bananas soft.

5)after that,pour the mix which has been mixed before in the pan and close the pan with the glass top

6)if it is on the induction,put it in the lowest temperature/if it is on the gas stove,put it in low flame

7)wait for 5-10 minutes and look if it is ready.

note:poke a toothpick to test if it is ready


  • Ellie 3 years ago

    Yummy please try you will like it

  • 4 years ago

    Pls test dudes.........

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