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Bani Style Dipped Oreo

Published Thursday, 31 May, 2012 by Gurbani

Tasty and perfect for dessert



  • 1 packet oreo
  • 1 cadbury dairymilk plain chocolate ( you can also you dairymilk silk plain)
  • 1 packet gems ( or any chocolate candy which is colour coated)


1. Take a metal bowl and add water to it.

2.Take another small bowl and put the chocolate in it also add some milk.

3. Put the small bowl of chocolate in bowl of water and put it on the gas stove. Kepp stirring the chocolate.

4. Remove when chocolate turns into liquid ( make sure it is not very runny)

5. Take the oreo biscuit packet and put all the biscuits in a plate. Now add a long stick or an ice cream stick in the side portion where cream is visible.

6. Dip the oreos in melted chocolate.

7. Crush the gems and sprinkle on oreo.

put it in the fridge for an hour once done.

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  • A student staple really.