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Basic Vanilla Cupcakes

Published Saturday, 10 May, 2014 by Rottan

Simple base cupcake



  • * 175 gr all purpose flour
  • * 150 gr butter
  • * 150 gr granulated sugar
  • * 1 tsp baking powder
  • * 4-6 eggs, yolk separated
  • * vanilla extract


For this recipe basically you can blindly mixer everything together, but for extra fluffiness do the following:

* mixer the egg whites till stiff

* mixer butter, sugar and egg yolks respectively in separate bowl, add in some vanilla drops

* fold the egg white into the butter mix bit by bit

* fold in shifted flour and baking soda and stir gently

* bake for 15 minutes at medium high heat

for variation you can toss some grated cheddar / raisins / banana / nuts / cocoa powder in the batter.

it's a base recipe, works great for any other possible variation

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