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Published Wednesday, 25 November, 2009 by Jess




  • 4-5 packets of Rolo's ( Depending how many you are likley to munch whilst cooking)
  • Chocolate Digestive Biscuits ( 1 Pack) ( again with the munching thing)
  • Can of whipped cream ( or if severe lazyness is in abundance then ready to spray aerosol cream) but does have a tendancy to wilt......
  • 2-3 Bananas
  • 2 table spoons of butter
  • 1 Cadburys flake
  • Toffee Sauce ( ice cream topping stuff)


Crush digestive biscuits ( about half pack -depends on how big your tin is) either in a zipock bag ( in absence of Ziplock bag use, normal clear bag ..just tie an elastic band on end)....make sure no air is trapped in bag...otherwise ...BOOM..biscuits everywhere.......

Put Biccys in a bowl and add melted butter mix together and add to a dish of sorts preferably about 8 inches......size doesn't matter ( said the actress to the bishop)

Press down till even.

Melt Rolos in either a bowl over a saucepan of hot - NOT boiling water, otherwise mixture will go lumpy. Stir continously. OR microwave ( check every 20 seconds and sir thoughly otherwise may burn and it ruddy stinks)

Add Melted Rolo Mixture to tin ( if you haven't already eaten it all)

Chop Bananas and place on top covering the tin as much as poss.

Whip up whipping cream and cover bananas on top or spray areosol can till mixture is covered

Decorate with Toffee Sauce and Crushed up Flake sprinkled on top....

Stick in Fridge for about 3 hours..or freezer for about 20-30 mins

Not for the diabetic or weak hearted...........SERIOUSLY SWEET STUFF!!!



  • jess 8 years ago

    well i did say its not for the diabetic...........fool

  • jack 9 years ago

    i made this and it is so ugly and to sweet for people who are diabetic that is not fair for them . im telling you dont make it you will hate it

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