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Choci Cake

Published by hannah

lovly chocolate cake with what ever you want on top on top



  • self risen flour
  • 2 eggs
  • suger
  • chocolate


mix the flour and the sugar and the eggs tillits cremy it is better to use a eletric mixer then add melted chocolate grease oven tin with butter or margerine and put mixure on to the tin and put in the oven till cooked you will know its done by putting a knife through the middle and take it out and if its got nothing on it its done have fun and enjoy


  • kfjn;knsklvnfdv 9 years ago

    bull shiit dont even no how much to put in?? useless craap

  • Faiiza 9 years ago

    WOOOOW Thankxz U Just Did my homework at da last minute. My HW Wuz 2 plan my food just the way u did by writing the ingredients den method. Thanlxz dont noe if it werks till 2morro. Thankxz xxx

  • rash 10 years ago

    how much of each ingredients do u use?

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  • These pancakes look great AND guilt free! Breakfast anyone?? Thanks Beth for uploading!