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Cookie Ice Cream Cheat

Published Wednesday, 25 March, 2009 by Jake

Cookie crispy ice cream...



  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Ice cream - Your favourite!
  • Sauces for ice creams - Again your favourite!
  • Wafers


Alright then, another of my cheating ways, like Delia Smith I guess..

Well first get a bowl or whatever you use for ice cream eating, and put some of your favourite ice cream into it. (The more the better! ) And then stick some crispy wafers into it. Take some cookies, if they are small then take 4 - 6 of them if they are big then crumble 3 of them onto the ice cream.

Finally put as much sauce on as you like!

And drop on some cherries if you like them...

Enjoy it!

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