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Double Layered Chocolate

Published Saturday, 08 November, 2014 by Sorry No Name

Love chocotate??? then try this.....



  • Dark chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • freezer
  • veer small plastic cups


First of all, melt both the chocolates separatly.

then in one very small plastic cup, pour any one melted chocolate good enough to fill half of the very small plastic cup.

pour the second melted chocolate on top of the first melted choc. Repeat the same in all cups.

keep this in freezer for about 2hrs and put 1 toothpick in each cup.

then again keep this in freezer for 2 or 3 more hrs.

take it out carefully.

eat it like a lollipop.... Enjoy eating ''double layered chocolate''!!!....


  • xxx 3 years ago

    A fine thing for chocolate lovers

  • Vatsala 4 years ago

    It comes out good!Yammy !

  • MAFAZ 5 years ago

    Mmmmm veryy yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy

  • Lollypop 5 years ago

    So chocolaty!

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