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French Chocolate Mousse

Published by Tom

Amazing, Quick, easy and Tasty!!!



  • 200g plain chocolate
  • 4 eggs


Serves 4.

1. Put chocolate into a bowl and place over pan hot water and melt.

2. Separate the eggs into two bowls (yolk in one whites in the other).

3. Beat the egg whites until stiff.

4. Stir yolks into the chocolate

5. Slowly add whites whilst stiring.

6. Serve into bowls and refrigerate.


  • Hamiora 5 years ago

    How long do u refrigerate it

  • Fatima 6 years ago

    Just made you french mousse and it's my first time but when i added the whipped whites slowly into the chocolate and i stirred it very softly and then i saw lumps. Is that supposed to happen?

  • Mili 7 years ago

    Brilliant recipe and very fast to make!!! The main thing was it tasted amazing!

  • emma 8 years ago

    love it and i have made it about 10 times too or moer anyway love the recipe

  • katie 8 years ago

    i love this recipe it is lovely and i have made it about 10 times my family and i love it :)

  • Mason177 10 years ago

    Im Looking Forward To Make This Recipe. I Will Let You Know How It Gets On :) Thanks

    - Mason

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