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Gummy Bear Ice Lollies

Published Wednesday, 01 July, 2015 by Yummy Scrummy

Soooooooooo good!!



  • Gummy bears
  • sprite / 7up
  • ice lolly moulds/if you dont have them you can use a plastic cup, and a spoon for the stick


1. Pour sprite/7up into the moulds

2. Add a handful of gummy bears into the moulds as well

3. Put the lids on top and place in the freezer

4. Wait for 4 hours or overnight until you can take them out for the best results.

enjoy!!!! :)


  • shanewarne 3 years ago

    how many does it serve

  • ._hexrt_attxck 3 years ago

    Sounds wonderful but my family doesn't like sprite and 7up :(

  • Elsy.b 4 years ago

    Nice in summer

  • Yummy 4 years ago

    Thank you

  • Melody 4 years ago

    Cool!! That sounds scrumptious!! (^.^)

  • Dayna 4 years ago


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