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Ice Cream Sandwich

Published Sunday, 28 August, 2011 by Anna Simpson

Ice cream sandwich-chocolate orange flavour ;D



  • -Chocolate ice cream
  • -Milk or dark chocolate (depending on which you prefer)
  • -Orange flavouring
  • -2 circular shortbread pieces (per sandwich)
  • -Orange zest (optional)
  • -Orange segments



1) Melt some chocolate in the microwave until fully melted, stir with a spoon.

2) Add some orange flavouring (when I do this recipe I never have a set amount of flavouring as it is one I just made up, so just keep adding until you think you have enough) to the melted chocolate and stir until combined.

3) On one piece of shortbread put a small spoon of chocolate ice cream on, flatten it down with a spoon to make it smooth on top.

4) Chop one or two orange segments in to small pieces

5) On top of the ice cream layer, add a spoon of the chocolate orange mixture, followed by the chopped orange pieces and another spoon of the chocolate orange mixture

6) Put the other shortbread piece on top and squish/sandwich it together.

7) If you want to, you can put a small blob of chocolate orange mix on top in the centre of the sandwich and pieces of orange zest

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  • We'd drink it. Thanks for uploading, Eswari!